Meet Your All-in-One IT Team

From support staff to strategists, project managers to problem solvers, we deliver IT consulting, management, and support to every one of our clients.

Our Leadership

Daniel Hatfield

Founder, CEO

Jamison Dye

Director of Coordinated Services

Steve Bright

Director of Technical Resources

About the Team

Because of our comprehensive approach to managed IT services, our team is stacked with the best and brightest from a diverse range of disciplines. And because of our focus on culture and values, our team treats every client like family. You’ll get to know some of us by name, but here’s a primer just in case:

“The culture of collaborative support, allowing me to focus on getting real work done within my area of expertise, is refreshing.”

“Our culture aims to integrate many different values, but ultimately boils down to one thing: respecting other people and treating them as we want to be treated.”

“The people here will have your back and encourage you both in the workplace and in your personal endeavors, struggles, and accomplishments.”

“In a sea of potential employers and jobs, there's few placed that foster positive office culture like Tecology.”

“If you care about doing a good job, and you care about your co-workers and want them to care about you, then this is the right place for you.”

“It's the quality of the work and people that keep me here. It's one of the only jobs I've had where I find myself and others are truly happy to come into work and be part of the team.”

“I like the variety and substance of the projects I get to work on, and the quality and character of the people I get to work with.”

“A fun environment where folks don't just talk about the company ethos; they demonstrate it on a daily basis!”

“The culture here at the office is challenging, friendly, engaging, collaborative, innovative, rewarding, and supportive.”

“Everyone is always willing to help and wants to enable you for growth professionally.”

“Incredibly friendly atmosphere, I can ask anyone for help on anything. More than anything, it feels like people work here, not drones.”

“We have a great team. The emphasis is on people and having each other's backs. It's a good place to be.”

“Our culture values a heartfelt laugh, tradition, change for the better and supporting one another through thick and thin; we are family.”

“I get to do meaningful work with amazing people!”

“What I love about our team is that we’re willing to say no. It’s not common, but if a customer or prospect is pushing for a solution we think won’t be helpful, we won’t put our name on it.”

“We share every detail of our work with clients, even if it highlights our mistakes. You can’t build trust without transparency.”

“The biggest benefit Tecology provides our clients is confidence. Clients know their managed IT services are compliant, well thought out and vetted—and are always evolving to stay competitive.”

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