Daniel Hatfield

Founder, CEO

What he does:

For more than 20 years, Daniel has helped people understand how the strategic application of technology can improve their business.

As an expert in systems architecture, networking and integration, Daniel partners with our clients to ensure they have every tool available to meet their strategic goals. He speaks the language of both technology and business ownership, and acts as the CTO — Consulting Technology Officer — for every Tecology client.

Why he does it:

“Translation is one of the biggest barriers to evolving your technology. People get frustrated with IT because they don’t grasp how existing and emerging technologies can improve their work. So my favorite part of the work is delivering those lightbulb moments — when a client’s vision and technology click and they say 'Wait, we can DO that?!’"

About Tecology

We're a people-centered business making full-service IT a possibility for any organization.