Meet your
new IT team

At Tecology, we support the productivity, stability, and evolution of companies who understand the vital role that technology plays in their success.

A holistic approach

People, processes, technologies — we provide enterprise-level IT for businesses of any size, working as your very own IT department.

A values-driven business

Trustworthy, attentive, resourceful, team-oriented partners. It’s what we expect of each other and what we look for in our clients.

An adaptive process

We are iterative, cloud-forward, and focused on making the resources you dedicate to your technology support your business strategy.

They’ve got a consultative approach to proactive maintenance and management—they’re always there with advice on the newest and greatest tools and what those could mean for us.

Our Approach

We take a strategic, people-first approach to managed IT services.

Here’s what that means for you and your company:

What We Do

We’re a Part of Your Team

From IT service and support to project management and strategy, you can treat us like your own in-house IT department. In fact, we insist on it — the trust our clients place in us helps them focus on building their business, and helps us keep their business efficient and effective.

We Take a Holistic Approach

Whether you’re looking for helpdesk support or software administration, nothing exists in a vacuum. People, processes and technologies all play a role in your business, and we take every factor into account for our clients. Anything less is piecemeal, and that’s not who we are.

How We Do it

We Iterate and Evolve

Continuous evolution is the heart of staying competitive and efficient. We help our clients understand and prepare for new technologies — from managed cloud services to business automation — and together we constantly test, tweak, learn and improve our processes.

We’re Cost-Effective

For what it costs most organizations to hire limited internal IT support, we offer a complete enterprise team. For one base retainer, we use a dynamic, need-based approach that dedicates your resources where you need them most. No matter the size or scope, we make sure everyone can benefit from their budget.

Tecology finds all sorts of ways for us to become more efficient in our technology that we’d never have thought of. And they do it with a smile, even when we’re driving them crazy.

Interested? Let’s talk.

We’re looking for the right fit — values-driven, evolving and ready to partner with an enterprise-caliber IT team.