Harnessing new technologies in real estate investment & development

In almost 18 years as a Tecology client, real estate investment and development firm Realvest has seen a lot of changes in their technology. With every new development, Tecology was right there to help them stay competitive and confident in their people, processes and technologies. Here’s how.


People First

After a number of failed IT partnerships, Realvest reaches out to Tecology, having heard great things about their people-first approach to technology. Tecology soon establishes an office in the Realvest building to make sure they’re close-at-hand.


Server Upgrade

Tecology rebuilds Realvest’s aging server infrastructure from the ground up, then goes the extra mile, developing employee policies and practices to help the client safely manage data and maintenance.


Crashes and the Cloud

Following a server crash, Tecology saves the day by recovering a massive amount of client data. This recovery drives a move to cloud-based infrastructure, which Tecology facilitates through new technologies and employee best practices.


Website Assistance

As Realvest seeks a partner to build their new website, Tecology helps them find a development firm that seamlessly integrates with the company’s existing technologies and workflow.


MS Cloud Migration

Tecology undertakes a massive migration project, helping Realvest shift onto the Microsoft cloud. As a result, the company enjoys greater security, easier maintenance and streamlined user experience.


Looking Ahead

As Realvest looks to go completely paperless in their operations, Tecology will continue crafting comprehensive solutions that harness new technologies, along with providing the guidance and policy advising to make the most of these technologies.

A lot can change in 18 years.

Tablets. Smartphones. Automation. Cloud services. Through each massive change in technology over almost two decades, Tecology has helped Realvest evolve and adapt. But this partnership is about more than technology. “Tecology has transformed the way we do business,” says Brady Davidson, Asset Manager for Realvest. 

“We went from being unstable — I’m talking weekly crashes, employees downloading viruses, the works — to being efficient, stable and secure."

It’s not slowing down.

With every new opportunity, Tecology works as an extension of Realvest’s team, creating new policies, training employees and making sure that the client is getting the most out of their technology investment. “They’re thoughtful in the way they work with us,” says Davidson. 

“Tecology finds all sorts of ways for us to become more efficient in our technology that we’d never have thought of. And they do it with a smile, even when we’re driving them crazy."

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